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Easter Treats

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Easter is a wonderful time for relaxing, spending time with family and celebrating traditions, whether you are religious or not. With four days off there’s plenty of time for  cooking and baking and experimenting- and it can be so much fun!  Continue reading

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Ginger Cordial

One of the best kitchen investments I have made recently was a Soda stream. When a few friends got them, I was skeptical- but the more I heard, the more I was convinced
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Strawberry Lime Jam with a little kick

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Two ‘preserves’ in two posts? I’m not going to apologise, but will advise this isn’t really a jam in the preserve sense- more of a refrigerator jam.

Besides, who would have thought that kilo or so of strawberries would produce such indecision? When I saw these strawberries at the markets on the weekend, they were a bargain, but I didn’t count on the options I had for making strawberry jam. I know I could have just gone the straight strawberry route, but it’s such a plain and ordinary road, and I wanted a something a little less travelled and much more interesting.

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Passionfruit curd

I was in two minds about what to post as my first recipe here. At first, I thought I could go with an old favourite, something that I love and am known for- but then I thought about why I wanted to do this blog. It’s a way to make me get out of my comfort zone and try something new.
So let me tell you a story about our passionfruit tree. I know what you are thinking- passionfruit grow on vines. And indeed they do, but deep in suburbia we have passionfruit tree.  Continue reading

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